Why we love organic clothing!

Tessa Turner

Posted on September 10 2019

Why we love organic clothing!

Little Lily & Co has always featured some great organic baby & children’s brands within our range, this isn’t just because they look great on our little customers but mainly because they are kinder to the environment and ethically kinder too! Plus we get so much feedback on how great they wash! (a must for Mum’s around the world)

Organic cotton tends to be kinder on babies delicate skin (great for eczema sufferers), this is because organic clothing isn’t treated with nasty chemicals plus many organic brands ensure that pollutants aren’t used during the manufacturing process which means for happier farmers, factory workers and most importantly the planet!

Our best selling organic brand Frugi is a brand on a mission, celebrating 15 years of using organic fabrics Frugi is certified with both the soil association and global organic textile standard (GOTS). Plus they have come up with some amazing uses for recycled plastic bottles and polyester, using these materials to make their amazing rucksacks and waterproof outer wear! So many amazing things!!

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