Kids Barefoot Shoes – the theory behind the trend

Tessa Turner

Posted on September 21 2019

Kids Barefoot Shoes – the theory behind the trend

As a children’s shoe retailer we see so many trends come and go in the shoe industry, but the trend for barefoot shoes is an ever growing area for children’s shoe brands. And there is an important reason why! As we watch our babies grow and develop the joy in them taking their first steps is an amazing milestone we will remember and instantly rush to get them their first pair of shoes, it’s a massive milestone. However, don’t rush too soon…

We advise for children to be kept barefoot for as long as possible, so a pair of soft leather pull on shoes are perfect for those first steps, crawlers and little cruisers, The reasoning behind this is that a child’s foot has no bones at first walker stage, it’s all cartilage and padding tissue (hence the cute little podgy rounded bits on a babies foot). Bones, ligaments and tendons will develop through use so to promote good foot health we need to provide growing feet with plenty of freedom for muscles to strengthen, bones to develop and toes to grip.

Barefoot shoe brands like Bobux offer shoes to suit each stage of walking, giving you the peace of mind in those early stages. Plus their shoes are super light weight to mimic the feel of barefoot walking, while still offering the support your child needs. Very clever little shoes!

I know this may seem like a lot of info to take on board on top of all the other things that go on in our Mummy & Daddy heads that’s why we are here to help! As well as measuring and fitting your little one’s feet we are also able to advise on the right shoe type for the stage of walking your child is at plus as we all know each and every brand has massive differences in sizing…so the measure is only a guide the fitting of the shoe is the important part 

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