The Importance of Fitted Footwear for Children: Steps Toward Healthy Development

Rebecca Thomson

Posted on May 31 2024

The Importance of Fitted Footwear for Children: Steps Toward Healthy Development

Ensuring that children wear properly fitted footwear is essential for their growth and overall health. Children's feet are still developing, and ill-fitted shoes can have long-lasting effects on their foot health, posture, and comfort. Here's why investing in well-fitted footwear for children is crucial.

Why is it important to have fitted footwear?

Your little ones feet are in the early stages of developing and properly fitted shoes play a vital role in helping to safeguard the healthy development of your child’s feet.

Shoes which don’t fit properly can cause sores or blisters and at worst may even lead to long-term foot problems.

When your child is very young the bones in their feet are made of soft spongy cartilage which can easily be pushed out of alignment by shoes (and even sleepsuits and socks) which don’t fit properly. The nerve endings in babies’ feet also take time to develop, so your child may not be able to let you know if their feet are sore or squashed by shoes, making checking the fit so it's important to measure your children's feet accurately before buying them each pair of shoes as each brand can differ, to ensure healthy foot development for years to come.

On average 70% of adults suffer from foot health problems and that the majority of these problems are the result of wearing ill-fitting shoes in childhoodGetting the correct advice will ensure that your child is measured and fitted with the correct size and style of shoe for their feet, through every stage of their development.

To do this, you can visit us in-store for a free shoe fitting service. 

Supports Proper Posture and Balance

Properly fitted footwear helps children maintain good posture and balance. Shoes that provide adequate support can help align the feet, ankles, and legs, reducing the risk of postural problems. Good posture is crucial for overall musculoskeletal health, preventing back, hip, and knee issues as children grow.

Reduces the Risk of Injuries

Children are naturally active and curious, often engaging in activities that put their feet at risk. Properly fitted shoes provide the necessary protection and support to prevent injuries. Shoes that fit well can reduce the risk of falls, trips, and sprains, ensuring that children can play safely and comfortably.

Prevents Foot Problems

Wearing ill-fitted shoes can cause a variety of foot issues in children, including:

  • Blisters and Calluses: Shoes that don't fit well can rub against the skin, causing painful blisters and calluses.
  • Bunions and Hammertoes: Tight shoes can push the toes into unnatural positions, leading to these deformities over time.
  • Flat Feet and Overpronation: Lack of proper arch support can contribute to the development of flat feet and improper gait patterns.

Tips for Ensuring a Good Fit

  • Regular Measurements: Children's feet grow quickly, so it's important to measure their feet regularly and ensure their shoes are the right size.
  • Toe Room: There should be enough room at the front of the shoe for toes to wiggle comfortably.
  • Width and Depth: Ensure the shoe fits well in width and depth, not just length, to prevent pressure points.
  • Try Shoes with Socks: Have children try on shoes with the socks they normally wear to ensure a proper fit.
  • Observe and Adjust: Watch for signs of discomfort or improper fit, such as redness, blisters, or reluctance to wear the shoes.

How to know if they are fitted? 

We recommend visiting a local shoe shop who are professional trained to find the right shoe for your little ones, here at Little Lily & Co we can help provide you with our expert advice while being greeted by our friendly time, who will take our time with you. There's no time slot or rush to try find the shoes right for your little ones, we want you to take as much time as you need and try on as many pairs. Visit us in our Llandudno store. 

Investing in well-fitted footwear for children is an investment in their health and happiness. By ensuring that their shoes fit properly, you can support their development, prevent foot problems, and help them lead active, comfortable lives.



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