Back To School At Little Lily & Co

Tessa Turner

Posted on June 23 2020

Back To School At Little Lily & Co

Buying Back To School Shoes at Little Lily & Co.

It is that time of year again when we all start thinking or perhaps panicking about buying our pair of back to school shoes in readiness for the start of the new term. The fact that children spend so much time in their school shoes means that the need to get a good quality and comfortable shoe is at the forefront of all our minds. Buying the correct pair of school shoes can be full of anxiety and uncertainty. When should you get your child’s feet measured? Which brand will give your child’s feet the best support? How should you look after the school shoes? All these questions and more are going through our minds when we sit down to get their feet measured.

In this guide we hope to give you all the information you need to confidently buy the perfect pair of school shoes for your child as well as answering some of the questions you may not be comfortable asking.

At Little Lily & Co we have a great range of school shoes for boys and girls and most importantly the skills and expertise to help you buy with confidence. From Lelli Kelly School Shoes to classic Start-Rite school shoes we have a variety of styles and prices to suit your needs

How Important Are School Shoes?

Children on average spend between 25-30 hours a week at school, plus many will walk to and from school. Given the amount of time that children spend in their school shoes it is crucial that they have the correct pair of properly fitted school shoes to protect their feet which are ideally made of a good quality material such as leather.

When buying your boys school shoes or girls school shoes, make sure you are buying a pair that will protect their growing feet. Children sometimes don’t feel confident or comfortable in saying that their shoes are not comfortable or are getting too small, especially if they are a favourite pair that the child does not want to stop wearing. By having their feet measured in a calm and friendly environment, we aim to make purchasing a new pair of shoes a fun and friendly experience. Regular foot measuring helps prevent trivial issues from becoming more serious.

Comfort has to be the number one point to consider when buying their school shoes. An ill fitting school shoe could hamper the development of their bones and cause permanent damage to their feet. An ill fitting school shoe could cause your child discomfort in school and lead to a lack of concentration. Feet that are crammed into unsuitable shoes made of cheap materials such as plastic are more likely to cause long lasting damage to children’s feet. 

When Should I Look To Buy My Kids School Shoes?  

This is a difficult question to answer and in truth there is no perfect time to buy your child’s school shoes. Every child’s feet will have spells where they may grow a lot and on the flip side will have times where their feet will not grow much. Some parents prefer to get their child’s school shoes as soon as schools break up so they can get the style they want whereas others prefer to wait until the week before schools go back so they can have a greater certainty about the sizing. In truth there are pros and cons to both these approaches. My advice would be to go with whatever makes you and your child comfortable. When fitting shoes we always allow for growth to try and make the shoes last as long as possible whilst still giving the correct support to your child’s feet. If you aren’t sure about when to buy your pair of school shoes then come in and get your child’s feet measured and discuss this with one of our team who will be happy to advise.

Which Are The Most Popular Styles of School Shoes?

Whether you are buying for someone starting their first year of school or a more style conscious older child we have some great buys! Our brand highlights are below:

Lelli Kelly School Shoes.

Every girl loves Lelli Kelly School Shoes and as girls school shoes go, they are one of our favourites! The Lelli Kelly Unicorn School Shoes are always high up on any girls wishlist. With Lelli Kellys traditional sense of fun they will brighten up any school day.

Start-rite School Shoes.

Start-Rite shoes are a well established name in children's shoes and Start-Rite school shoes are no exception to this quality British brand. Classic styling, well established styles that parents love. Classic t-bars for girls and ever popular Rhino boys shoes which withstand the tests of the playground.

Geox School Shoes.

Geox school shoes benefit from the brands excellent patented technology, leather inner soles that are breathable and offer cushioned support which is a great feature for a school shoe which is worn 5 days a week!

Geox are well known for their boys school shoes they are stylish and durable and the Geox Savage school shoes provide both, a best selling boys school shoe for all ages. 

Buying School Shoes Online.

We always recommend getting your shoes fitted by an expert in store but more and more parents are buying their children's shoes online as we come to terms with ‘the new normal ‘ If you are unable or are uncomfortable coming into the shop to get your child’s feet measured we will be happy to help you measure your child’s feet at home and send you pictures of shoes that will be suitable. You can always message us on Facebook and instagram for guidance on how to do this or use this measuring gauge from Start-rite to help you get an accurate measurement. During the lockdown we have helped lots of parents buy kids shoes so we are fast becoming experts in this! 

Wear School Shoes In.

Blisters are common in a new pair of shoes and more often than not result from the shoes not being worn in rather than an issue with the fit of the shoe. After you have bought your new pair of school shoes, find time to encourage your child to wear the shoes around the house for an hour or so on carpeted flooring. This will help reduce the risk of blisters and will help to wear the shoe in. When your child does start at school, their feet will be used to the shoe and they will be ready to start the term in style and comfort. 

How Long Should My School Shoes Last?

Before wearing, school shoes should be sprayed with a protective spray which will help protect them against the elements and general wear and tear. We also recommend that they are sprayed on a monthly basis to continually top this up. If your child comes back from school with muddy shoes then give them a wipe with a damp cloth to prevent a build up of dirt and grime and help keep that feeling of newness. Ultimately, how long your school shoes last will depend on both how you care for them physically as well as how quickly your child’s feet grow. Always keep an eye out for signs that your child’s shoes are not fitting properly. This could be either your child telling you they are suffering from pain in their feet or legs or you may notice uneven shoe wear such as one shoe wearing down quicker than the other. We are all guilty of only thinking of school shoes once a year before the new school term starts. Don’t be afraid to come and get their feet rechecked if you’re noticing any of the above or if you just want piece of mind that the shoes are still fitting correctly. We are always happy to check the fit on a pair of shoes and won’t try and sell you shoes that you don’t need. 

We hope the above has been of some use in helping you plan your Back To School purchase. If there are any topics we haven’t covered or if you just want to get our advice then you can feel free to call into the shop or contact us on social media and we will do our best to assist you. Click on the following links for our full range of  boys school shoes and girls school shoes.

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