First Steps ...

Rebecca Thomson

Posted on July 09 2023

First Steps ...

Those tiny feet taking their first steps, is one of the most magical moment and one to treasure for a long time and we know how important it is to protect those little feet! 

Bones start as soft cartilage and it isn't until they reach adulthood that the foot is fully developed, therefore a child's foot is very susceptible to moulding and damage can be quickly caused if the wrong footwear is chosen. 

However, there is no initial rush to put your little ones into shoes as walking barefoot or opting for a pair of non-slip sicks will enable your little one to find their balance and get them used to taking steps without having shoes on.

When the time comes to get their first shoes, many reasons will include when your little one wants to be on their feet outside and walking around more, this will be the time to consider getting pre-walkers. 

When selecting their first shoes, it is important to come into store and get measured and fitted, this can help to select the best shoe for your little one. Pre-walkers are designed to be a soft, lightweight and flexible shoe allowing the movement of the foot to move naturally, we offer a range of pre-walkers in-store and online. 

After around 6 weeks of walking independently without any assistance, you can then look at getting a more structured first walker shoe for your child this will come at a time when your little one is walking confidently, it is important to select a shoe which allows your child's feet to still grow and doesn't cause them problems in the future. 

Shop pre-walkers and First Shoes 

For any advice or more information we are here to help, send a message to us or visit us in our Llandudno store. 

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