Kids' Shoe Fitting in Our Llandudno Store

Tessa Turner

Posted on June 11 2021

Kids' Shoe Fitting in Our Llandudno Store


Buying shoes for your child (whether it's their very first pair or they're confident walkers) can sometimes be a daunting prospect, but we're here to make the process comfortable and enjoyable for both you and your little one! Both our Little Lily & Co stores in North Wales provide a shoe fitting service, and we have a wide range of sizes and styles which have been hand-picked by us to benefit growing feet. Appointments aren't necessary, just pop in and see us! Our trained staff members will be happy to answer any queries you may have, but we've put together some frequently asked questions to help get you started.


How important is it to get my child's feet measured?

According to the Children's Foot Health Register, 4 million children in the UK are wearing the wrong size shoe. Our feet aren’t fully formed until we’re about 13-18 years of age, but the first six years are the most crucial for development. When children are born their bones are still growing and their feet are mostly cartilage, so it's vital that children's shoes offer the correct support and flexibility to help promote good foot health. Bones, ligaments and tendons will grow and develop through use, and providing growing feet with soft, lightweight shoes will give them the freedom to do this. Shoes which don’t fit properly can cause sores or blisters and at worst may even lead to long-term foot problems, so it's incredibly important to ensure you buy properly fitted shoes for your child.


When shall I get my child's first shoes?

We don't recommend rushing your child into shoes, and instead advise you wait until they take their first few steps independently before getting them measured and fitted. We have a wide range of first walker shoes from brands such as Startrite, Geox, Bobux and Ricosta - these shoes are designed to fit comfortably around baby's feet, so they're super soft and flexible. They also have hard-wearing rounded soles to protect toes from bumps, especially while outside. We know your child's first shoes are an important milestone, so we provide gorgeous 'My First Shoes' certificates with your purchase, so you can remember and treasure the special occasion!


Where can I get my child's feet measured?

Both our Llandudno and Rhos-on-Sea stores provide a foot measuring and shoe fitting service; we use Startrite measuring gauges which give an accurate portrayal of your child's foot size. However, different brands and styles vary in terms of fit, which is why the shoe fitting aspect is so important. Here at Little Lilys we're here to help you decide on the perfect pair of shoes for your little ones; we'll offer a selection based on their size and check each one to find the best fit for your child. Our shoe fitting service is super personal and we're here to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone.


How often should my child's feet be measured?

We recommend getting your child's feet measured every 6 weeks or so - this doesn't mean you'll need a new pair of shoes every 6 weeks, but it ensures that they haven't had a huge growth spurt within that time and they're still comfortable in their shoes. During the first three or four years of your child's life, their feet can grow as much as two whole shoe sizes a year. This slows down to one shoe size a year by the time they're school age.


Which shoe brands and styles are best for growing feet?

Each one of our brands has been handpicked by us and each and every one is committed to supporting good foot health. We have barefoot brand Bobux, breathable shoes from Geox, firm favourites Startrite, fashion-forward Lelli Kelly and award-winning Ricosta. In terms of styles, it entirely depends on the width of your child's foot and various other factors, but we're here to help you choose!



Bobux shoes are designed from the sole up, to support your child’s feet and movement as they grow through each stage - we stock Soft Sole shoes for crawlers, Step Up shoes for little ones who have taken their first steps, I-walk shoes for toddlers who are confident walkers, and Kid+ shoes for older children.

Shop our full range of Bobux kids' shoes.



Geox are an international brand committed to sustainability, support and breathability in their shoes. The exclusive Geox-patented sole allows little feet to breathe constantly, and the insole is antibacterial and removable so these shoes are super hygenic. Inspired by the latest trends, Geox shoes are sure to be a hit with your little ones, whether they're first walkers or confident on their feet.

Shop our full range of Geox kids' shoes.



Startrite are experts in little feet and have been for over 200 years; the quality of Startrite shoes is second to none, and so many parents love them for their children's first shoes. Their shoes are durable, flexible, lightweight and supportive - these are just a few of the reasons we love Startrite children's shoes!

Shop our full range of Startrite kids' shoes


Lelli Kelly

Lelli Kelly is a firm favourite amongst little girls - originating in Italy, this brand knows exactly what kids want (lots of sparkle and shine!) whilst still appealing to parents due to their practicality and durability. We love Lelli Kelly shoes and are proud to be a stockist!

Shop our full range of Lelli Kelly kids' shoes.



Made with German precision, Ricosta's children’s shoes combine durability, comfort and style. They are manufactured to a high quality; made with soft breathable leather and a light flexible PU sole. We have several different sizes and styles in stock, from first walker shoes to summer sandals.

Shop our full range of Ricosta kids' shoes.


We have lots more incredible brands in both our stores and online, so take a look at our website or pop in and see us in Llandudno or Rhos-on-Sea for our full range of kids shoes. Our free foot measuring and shoe fitting service is available to everyone, no appointment necessary!


Shop our full range of children's shoes here, or visit us in store for your FREE shoe fitting.


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