Our Five Top Tips For Buying School Shoes

Rebecca Thomson

Posted on July 06 2023

Our Five Top Tips For Buying School Shoes
As the back to school season soon approaches we wanted to share with you our top tips when it comes to getting school shoes for your little ones.
As children wear their school shoes around 8 hours a day and 5 days a week, therefore it is essentially to pick shoes which are properly fitted and durable. 
We know you want your school shoes to be long lasting because of this, here at Little Lily & Co we are very selective on what brands we sell and only select those we know will be long lasting while providing comfort and support for those little feet, therefore many high street shops will not provide these benefits and unfortunately will not last as long and cause you to repeatedly be buying new shoes becoming more costly, not only this but it can have long lasting impact on your children feet, therefore we have put together a little guide when it comes to buying school shoes. 
1.  Measure Correctly 

It's essentially to firstly get your little ones feet measured by a professionally, therefore they can check to see what size your child will be best suited for, as measuring does not always indict what size shoe because of other factors including if your child has a narrow width or if the brand comes up slightly bigger/smaller. 

2. Fitting the Shoe 

Due to different foot shapes, there are different styles of shoes which will fit the foot better therefore, it is important to select the right style of shoe for the shape of the foot, this will help for a longer lasting shoe which does not hinder the child's growth or cause blistering. Poorly fitted shoes will wear quicker and damage the foot in the processes. 

For those with high insteps or wide feet, we recommend opting for shoes with adjustability such as buckles or laces and we can help you with finding the perfect fit in-store with our free shoe fitting and measuring service

3. Don't Buy Bigger Shoes

Although it can be tempting to buy a bigger size, we do not recommend doing this because shoes that don't hold the foot securely will rub and become very uncomfortable for your child, this can cause blistering or cause them to trip as they won't have full control. Children's shoes are designed to have growing room inside of them, therefore opting for the right size is very important. 

4. Design of the Shoe 

Looking at the shoe and taking into considering the design of the shoe, for example if your child is active when they are in school and tends to scuff their toes maybe consider a shoe which has a scruff resistant heel and to bumpers which will help when it comes selecting a shoe which is long lasting. 

Other elements of the shoe which is important to consider are the soles of the shoes, checking to see if they are lightweight and flexible which enables a natural movement for your children feet when playing.  

Having shoes which are breathable allowing air to flow in the shoes means children can run around all day while helping to regulate the temperature of the feet, another element which may be considered is if the shoes are waterproof especially during the cold and wet months. 

5. Wearing New Shoes 

At first your child might not be used to wearing school shoes after spending the summer in sandals, we advise to get your child to wear their new shoes for a couple of hours a day before they start school and this will help to ease the transition. 
Lastly, we recommend not leaving it until the last minute to visit us for school shoes as they sell out very quickly, if you want to guarantee a certain charm by Lelli Kelly or style of shoe then visit us sooner than later. 



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