Our Complete Guide to Buying School Shoes

Tessa Turner

Posted on July 28 2022

Our Complete Guide to Buying School Shoes


It's that time of year again where you'll probably be starting to think about school shoes ready for the new school year. With a huge amount of styles to choose from, as well as sizes and width fittings, it may be a daunting task for you and your child; don't worry though, we're on hand to help you out and give you all the fitting/care advice you need! 

Have a read through this quick guide to buying school shoes, or pop into our shop where one of the team will be more than happy to assist you.


The Importance of Properly Fitted School Shoes

How important is it for your child to have properly fitted school shoes? When you consider children wear school shoes for at least 25-30 hours a week, with many walking to and from school and attending after school clubs too, the need for a well-fitted and good quality shoe is crucial.

Here at Little Lily's we're always available to measure your child's feet and ensure they're wearing the correct size shoes. Growing room is always given to provide extra comfort for little feet and to make sure your child doesn't grow out of their shoes within a matter of weeks.

Shoe sizes aren't standardised across brands so it can be a bit confusing when your child is measuring one size but needs a pair of shoes that's a completely different size. We'll help you choose the right size shoe for your child, as well as particular styles that will suit their feet the best.


Style vs Comfort

Comfort is always the number one factor to consider when buying school shoes, but luckily you don't have to compromise on style! We stock school shoes from top rated brands, which focus on both comfort and style. All our school shoes are made from high quality leather which is both comfortable and hard-wearing, especially when treated regularly with a shoe protector spray. Girls love a pair of Lelli Kelly school shoes with the added sparkles and pretty extra touches, while boys go mad for Geox with their sporty and stylish options.


When to Buy Your Child's School Shoes

Honestly, there is no perfect time to buy your child's school shoes; some people prefer to buy them as soon as the summer holidays start so they avoid the crowds and get their pick of styles. Other people like to wait until just before their child goes back to school so the fit is the most accurate it can be. There are pros and cons to each approach so just go with whatever makes you and your child the most comfortable. We'll always allow as much growing room as possible, without compromising on the fit of the shoes, and insoles can be used to help school shoes fit for longer (we can help you out with this, just ask one of the team!).


Leather or Patent Leather: Which is Best?

We get asked this question every year and in truth it's down to personal preference. All our school shoes are comfortable, durable and made using high quality leather; you may find patent shoes are slightly harder-wearing due to the extra coating over the leather, but both types will stay their best if you use a shoe protector spray as soon as you buy them (and then once a month after that) and keep them clean and polished up.


Buying School Shoes Online

It's always best to buy in store so you can ensure your child has the correct style and fit of shoes, but we know it's not always possible or preferable! If you're unable to make it into a shop to be fitted, we'd highly recommend buying a measuring gauge so you can measure at home (Start-Rite do fab ones). Once you have your child's guide size we can then advise you on what size to buy (depending on the style and brand of shoes you like). If you message us on Facebook or Instagram, or send us an email, we'll be happy to help with any queries you have.


Wearing School Shoes In

School shoes can cause blisters while they're being worn in, before the leather softens and moulds to your child's feet. To reduce discomfort during school, we'd advise you to encourage your child to wear their shoes around the house for an hour or so first, so they're ready to start the school year in comfort.


Our Top School Shoe Brands

We sell some amazing school shoe brands here at Little Lily's, with all of them receiving rave reviews from our customers. All our school shoes focus on comfort, durability and style, and we have lots of different types of shoes to suit various tastes.

Lelli Kelly is our most popular school shoe brand and is super fun, with glittery decorations and free gifts. The Miss LK range caters to older girls, with chunky soles and on-trend designs.

Start-Rite is an established shoe brand for boys and girls, and has a history of creating high quality school shoes. We always find that Start-Rite is a popular choice for parents and kids.

Geox school shoes make use of their patented technology - breathable designs and leather insoles which offer cushioned support. This is a bonus for shoes which are worn for such long periods of time! Our bestselling boys' school shoe is Geox Savage, which is designed to withstand the playground and beyond.

Ricosta offer classic styles, all made using super soft leather. They're especially good for infant and primary school children, who need a comfortable and lightweight shoe.


If you have any questions regarding school shoes, don't hesitate to pop us a message or email, or visit us in store! We're always happy to help in any way we can.

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