Brand Focus: Start-Rite Shoes

Tessa Turner

Posted on June 22 2022

Brand Focus: Start-Rite Shoes


We stock several incredible kids' shoe brands here at Little Lily & Co, but one that everyone has always heard of is Start-Rite; Start-Rite is a British classic that was founded in Norwich in 1792, and is still based there today. There are lots of reasons why Start-Rite is one of our top shoe brands, including their expertise, mission and the quality of their shoes.


They're Expert Shoe Fitters & Designers

Start-Rite conducted a nationwide survey of children's feet in 1943, bringing together experts in shoe-making, education and medicine to transform the way children's shoes are designed and fitted. Start-Rite make shoes in half and whole sizes, and with various width fittings, to ensure ultimate comfort for little feet. They're also the official shoe fitters of the Royal Family, with over 1500 pairs of shoes being fitted for young royals since 1955!


They Have a Mission to Help Kids Explore in Comfort

Start-Rite believe that children should have the freedom to go where they want, how they want; they think no child is the same and that different is good. They say they want to help every child stay curious, have the comfort to keep going, and the confidence to chase their dreams. Start-Rite are there for the everyday pioneers.


Their Shoes Have Quality Built In

Every Start-Rite shoe is the result of several years of observing, perfecting and refining; materials are carefully selected and include soft and supple leathers, super strong nylon threads and buckles that are twice as strong as industry guidelines. Start-Rite shoes are made to perform and endure no matter what, with constant research into construction taking place. Perfectly placed protection, minimal seams that don't rub, and a range of smart fastenings are all part of the Start-Rite way.


From crawlers to first walkers, and pre-school to high school, Start-Rite have a shoe for every child. You can rest assured that each pair has been designed and tested with the ultimate comfort and protection in mind!


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