Grass & Air Winter Wellies Mulberry Colour-Changing with Teddy Fleece Lining

Grass and Air Winter Wellies Mulberry Burgundy Colour Changing Wellies | Little Lily & Co


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Colour-changing wellies are back in brand new colours with a winter twist! Grass & Air winter wellies have a thick teddy bear fleece lining for extra warmth on cold days. In these Mulberry kids wellies little ones can splash in puddles, rain, and snow whilst marvelling at the colour-changing raindrop pattern.

    • Made with clever technology, the raindrop pattern on our little kids colour-revealing mulberry wellies change colour as they get wet!
    • Teddy lining makes these wellies super cosy
    • Free drawstring bag
    • Easy-to-dry removable insoles
    • Insoles help with left and right